About Eye-Trendy

Eye-Trendy is the online eyewear collective by Sin Kwang Group. With a portfolio of 22 brands and growing, Eye-Trendy aspires to be the leading one-stop hub for latest news on Sin Kwang’s eyewear collections and industry updates. 

For a list of brands, please visit our brands pages here.

About Sin Kwang Group

Sin Kwang is a trusted homegrown eyewear distributor with over 60 years of professional expertise in the eyewear industry. Our founders Mr Lee Jwee Lim, Mr Lee Giam Poh, Mr Chng Chek Jiang, Mr Lee Teng Poh and Mr Khoo Hock Teng established Sin Kwang in 1954 with the humble goal of providing quality and trustworthy optical solutions. Over the past 60 years, Sin Kwang has grown from a small local optical distributor to a regional business with offices in Singapore and Malaysia today.

A market leader in eyewear distribution, Sin Kwang has affiliations with key industry players in Thailand and Indonesia. The company strives to be at the frontier of providing sustainable and long term optical solutions together with our international suppliers such as Charmant Group (Japan), Rodenstock (Germany), DeRigo (Italy), OGH (Spain) and L'amy (France).

With the extensive network of brands and partnerships, Sin Kwang continues to be a key regional leader in the eyewear industry.

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